Pixign is a mobile app development company founded in 2013. Since then we released close to 20 apps with over 20 000 000 downloads from Google Play total. Since 2015 we focused on phone and tablet puzzle games for brain training. Our puzzle games are always highly rated on Google Play and are frequent in Google Play TOP sections.

Our team has a simple vision – make fun and useful games that you can not only enjoy but benefit by gradually training your memory, attention, reaction, concentration and general level on Brain skills. Every day we work on creating awesome games that you can enjoy and benefit by playing.

We believe that our work matters

Meet The Team

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CEO, Co-founder

I like innovation. I'm fond of artificial intellect, autopilot in cars, energy-saving technologies. Also love my job - the development of mobile games. It is very pleasant that our games develop people and the society as a whole

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CVO, Co-Founder

As a child, I wanted to be a fireman, then later became interested in dinosaurs. But now, I prefer apps, technologies and alternative energy sources

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CTO, Co-founder

I like Star Wars and Marvel comics. And creating software. I do this for over 12 years. And enjoy it a lot. Also I do powerlifting and martial arts tricking

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Game Developer

A hardworking and proficient IT developer with 5 years’ experience and genuine passion for mobile application development

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Game Developer

More then 5 years experience at mobile development. Specialties: Android, Java, Mobile

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Visual Designer, Illustrator

I enjoy creating "eye candy" solutions for web and mobile apps.Little details, intense colors and extraordinary compositions are my passion. I am always up for something new and interesting projects